Well Being Wednesday Number 30

by Laurie Erdman on July 23, 2014

When you visualize the world you want to create, focus on what is present, not absent to ensure purposeful creation.

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How To Be Free – Follow Your Energy Source (Part 1)

by Laurie Erdman on July 21, 2014

heartinhand 300x227 How To Be Free   Follow Your Energy Source (Part 1)When was the most energizing time in your life? By energizing I mean, physically, emotionally, spiritually? When did you feel completely fulfilled? What were you doing? Who were you being at that time in your life?

This is what I ask any client who is struggling with burnout, disaffected at work and wondering what their purpose is in life. These questions are a window into your soul, and indicate where your light shines brightest. These questions ultimately open a doorway to freedom.

Until last November, I had never answered deeply explored these questions for myself. Silly right? As I was in the last week of a three-month leadership-training program called Masterful Living (ML), I was prompted to answer these questions. The results were eye opening. The lessons I’ve learned since asking those questions can help you experience freedom, joy and fulfillment.

I will warn you before we get started that a lot can be triggered in both your internal and external world when you ask these questions. This series of articles will explore what happened to me when I dove into these questions and I hope will support you in your jourey. Ask these questions carefully and with eyes wide open. But ask. They will set you free.

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Well Being Wednesday Number 29

July 16, 2014

Focus on that which you want to create. If  you focus on what you don’t want, you will attract it anyway because that is your focus.

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How to Get off the Debt Roller Coaster and Boost Your Energy

July 14, 2014

 “I feel like I’m on a bad roller coaster ride and I can’t get off.” That’s a direct quote from one of my clients when we first met.  She had a significant amount of debt that she just couldn’t seem to ever get rid of that was at the root of her feeling financial unstable.  […]

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Well Being Wednesday Number 28

July 9, 2014

You will attract those situations into your life that match your attitude. If you want better situations, change your attitude.

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