If You're Crazy Busy, Burnt Out, And Fatigued You're In The Right Place. Learn To Fuel Your Body For More Energy, Mental Focus and Productivity. (Yes to That!)



Finally revealed . . . the step-by-step system
to stop your fatigue, lift the brain fog and
get you on the fast track back to optimal health. . .

“STOP struggling with diet plans of deprivation that leave you tired and hungry and use my SECRET SYSTEM for reducing inflammation naturally, feeling more confident and getting the energy of a teenager.”

Laurie_Erdman_InterviewI have felt the frustration of wanting to be more active, to stop the afternoon crash and burn, to have more focus and maybe even lose a few pounds. There was a time when I was at wit’s end. I was crying myself to sleep because I was so tired of being sick and tired. I was stressed beyond belief. I didn’t know how I had gotten to the place where I was eating from the vending machine, fueling my self on sugar and caffeine and never exercising.

The number on the scale kept rising. I had stopped looking at myself in the mirror. I didn’t have the energy to do the things I loved such as garden, travel or even be intimate with my husband. I didn’t know who I was anymore, but I was too scared to change.

I tried everything from 5 cups of coffee a day to vitamins and supplements. Each left me more tired, more irritable and more fed up with my body. How could it fail me like this?

Just when I was about to throw in the towel, resolved that this is just “how my life is going to be,” the breakthrough finally came. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.


“More energy, more grateful and less achy in just two weeks!”

When the “wake-up call” arrives and you know it’s time for a change, Laurie Erdman is the guide you need. Her program “Get up and Go” is comprehensive, affordable, easy to follow and based on sound information. I found her website when I was at a depleted, energetic nadir, and was impressed with her enthusiasm and knowledge. In two weeks I already have more energy and a better outlook. I am feeling more grateful, less tired and achy, and thirsty for more! Her goal setting exercises and assignments have provided the groundwork for me to build my “new life” program. I am learning so much that wasn’t taught in medical school or graduate school. Laurie has helped me to refocus and to use healthier means to feed my body, mind and purpose. Her constant support, awesome videos and excellent website will keep you on our course. THANK YOU LAURIE! Spread the word !!

~ Caroline Kramer, MD PhD Roanoke, VA

“I have more energy and sleep better.”

I was feeling out of control. Working with Laurie made me slow down and think. I now definitely have more energy and sleep better. I learned that I can do this. I can break through my bad habits and that I am in control of what goes in my mouth, and a sugar time-out is a great thing.

~ Daria Kenny-Little, Graphic Designer, New Jersey/Virginia

The diagnosis woke me from my stupor and propelled me to change my life. I was determined to avoid a wheelchair and overcome this debilitating disease. But I was still scared. What if nothing worked? What if I continued to gain weight, lose energy and lose control over my body? But there was this voice that was stronger than the fear that said “You can do this. You will figure this out. You will be a success story.”

As you can imagine, I made a lot of mistakes along the way. Some which embarrassingly cost me a lot of money. There were a lot of books and a lot of practitioners out there touting a cure all for everything that ailed me. And most were conflicting. I didn’t know what would work for me. In fact, my mistakes are to your benefit because I will be handing over everything I’ve learned to you which will save you time and money.

The problem is when my wake up call came, there wasn’t anything out there that taught the step by step of how to adopt an anti-inflammatory, get more energy, lose weight easily program. I would have given anything to find all the information I needed in one place.

I’m a natural problem solver and I love Systems. With so many people asking me what I was doing (the results were that visible), I knew I had to put it all together, without holding anything back. I wanted to create a process that allowed you to find out what works for your body (because we are all different) so you don’t have to guess like I did. I wanted it to work. And it did. I reached my ideal weight (40 pounds less than the day I was diagnosed) and I tripled my energy in 9 months by working the system.

“When I found Laurie, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was tired of not having the energy to enjoy my family and I was tired of being on multiple medications for my multiple conditions.” After 6 sessions Jenifer had this to report:

“I feel better overall, I’m off medications, . . .
and have the energy to play with my son”

I have a lot more energy and everyone is commenting that my eyes look clearer and that I ‘look good.’ I just feel better overall. I have been feeling more alert, better able to function, etc. Not only that, but my lab results prove that this is not purely a placebo effect. My cholesterol is back to normal, I’m off my statins, my A1C is the lowest it’s been in 10 years, and I’ve reduced my insulin requirements by over 40 percent! But best of all, I finally had the energy to play with my son. The information and support Laurie provides is empowering.

~Jenifer Levinson, Arlington, VA

I Finally Discovered The Get More Energy Fountain of Health, Youth and Vitality.


Today I am symptom and relapse free, my cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose levels and all inflammatory markers are perfect. I’m no longer stressed out. I no longer worry about “what if the MS progresses”. I have a greater sense of control and confidence over my body. Sure, anything can happen, but I now know I can handle whatever life throws my way. In October, I’m being featured in an article “Secrets of Aging Well” for USA Today – a tribute to the power of the System.

How did I do this? By discovering the Get More Energy fountain of health, youth and vitality and doing what it takes to generate more energy and more health. I took the best of all that was out there, threw out the extremism, threw out what didn’t work and set up a system that would attract more energy and health regardless of age or condition.

The best thing is the system gave me consistent, sustainable results. No unrealistic highs. No crash and burn. No 3 p.m. fade out. No tasteless food I had to buy. No counting calories or points. Just simple, sustainable energy I could count on everyday. The system is so simple to use that anyone can use it and get results. Even you.


Consider my client Susan. She came to me with multiple food allergies, fatigue, chronic sinus issues and wanting to lose weight after having tried every diet plan out there. She didn’t believe me when I told her it would be easy. Here’s what she now has to say:

“I have bundles of energy and the pounds melted off.”

Working with Laurie Erdman is like magic. Before you know it (two weeks for me) and just by making a few simple changes, you have bundles of energy and the pounds begin to melt off. The big surprise is how easy this change is.

I never felt hungry or deprived. Gone were counting calories, fat grams, points or anything else. Really, I ate as much as I wanted. Stopping only when I felt full. The extra pounds I’ve been carrying for years and struggling with, just began to drop off, real magic for me after years of yo-yo dieting.

~ Susan Buck-Gordon, Benicia, CA


So that means there is hope for you.


After overcoming multiple sclerosis, losing 40 pounds, turning back the aging clock and doubling my energy, I had a lot of co-workers and friends asking me how I did it and could I help them. I would share a tip or two and they would come back and say “wow, I feel so much better. What else can I do?”

In 2010, Chronic Wellness Coaching was born with the focus of helping women (and really cool men) boost their energy, increase their vitality, lose weight, and overcome chronic illness and stress with a sustainable program. I’ve helped dozens of clients, spoken in front of hundreds and created the Get Up & Go: Get More Energy Diet System™ a step-by-step system for reducing inflammation, improved mental clarity, boosting energy and losing weight easily and sustainably.

Laurie-and-green-juiceToday, I teach, speak, and write about how to Get More Energy. I’m here to tell you that there is hope. I do this because it breaks my heart to see people struggling with chronic stress, illness and fatigue, and trying so many diets, prescriptions, supplements and energy drinks that only make their situation worse. You may feel like you don’t know who or what to believe anymore. Now that I know how to get more health and less illness and that it’s actually not difficult at all, I’m here to spread the word, BIG TIME!

I’ve spent 12 months taking every single aspect of what worked for me and my coaching clients and put it into a very focused self-study system called the “Get Up & Go: Get More Energy Diet Self-Study System™.”

We were never taught how to take care of our body in school, and honestly most doctors aren’t helpful. It’s no wonder we’ve been struggling with fatigue and illness. The good news is, once we’re taught EXACTLY what to do, how do to it, and how to discover what OUR body needs, then we start seeing REAL RESULTS. That is when we take massive action to reach our goals.

Now imagine having the energy and the confidence to do anything your mind can dream up. Hike Manchu Picchu, build a raised bed garden, play with the kids in your life, dance, or even bike 100 miles. There’s no feeling quite like being able to do something you once thought was impossible. The cool thing is, when you start getting more energy, you automatically get even more confidence to push you to the next level of self-care, personal goals and professional goals. You become unstoppable.

“More energy and I lost 30 pounds.”

I noticed my body responding within days after following Laurie’s recommendations from the first session. Within two weeks after starting Laurie’s Get Up & Go Diet, I started losing weight. I also noticed more consistent increased levels of energy in the first thirty days. Coaching with Laurie has changed my life in such a positive way, I cannot imagine living without the changes I’ve implemented.

~ Julia Taylor, Mediator Pikesville, MD

The Get Up & Go: Get More Energy Diet Self-Study System™ Will
Show You Exactly How You Can Do It Too.

So what is the Get Up & Go: Get More Energy Diet Self-Study System™? It is a complete dietary system and toolkit, a compilation of absolutely everything I learned and now share with my clients to help them get all the energy they need to live a fulfilling, happy and vibrant life. The online, video-based program includes 7 instructional modules, 29 assignments and over 80 tested recipes.


What You’ll Get

Plus, Bonus 5-Part Video Series and 7 Bonus
Downloadable MP3 Recordings You’ll Want To Listen
To Right Away

That’s Not All, Here are 2 More Bonuses


“Pure realist”

Laurie is one of those rare individuals who understands all the dimensions of health we “working people” struggle with (because she’s been there!) while at the same time inspiring us to aspire to true health (because she’s arrived there). And I’m speaking of “health” in its broadest sense. She’s not only a highly educated and motivated health coach, but she’s compassionate, empathetic, mature and realistic at the same time. Not a purist but a “pure realist” when it comes to helping me see how my own choices are affecting my body, I trust Laurie’s knowledge, instinct and spirit with my health completely.

~ Dana Theus | InPower Coaching | Arlington, VA

Here is just a sampling of what you’ll get from this indispensable Get More Energy program…


The step-by-step process to shift from a fatigue causing diet to one that gives you limitless energy.

The secrets to losing weight without effort, hunger, or deprivation.

The simple, effortless process to help you prepare delicious, healthy foods even if you don’t have time.

The exact process I use with clients to make sure they achieve their health goals.

How to stock your kitchen with the best, energy creating, disease fighting foods and use those foods.

The exact steps to make more energy, more health and less weight easy to achieve.

The simple strategies I’ve used to reduce inflammation and reverse chronic illness.

The exact shopping guides you need to eliminate common fatigue causing foods.

My secret process for becoming focused and fit.

How to determine the right foods for your body.

Done for you sample menu plans that feed your cells and your soul.

How to end the yo-yo dieting you’re experiencing (it sucks doesn’t it) and learn what your body needs to thrive.

…plus, lots more!

Congratulations!!! Once you put these steps into place, you’re on your way to getting all the energy you need to thrive! It’s simple, especially when someone shows you EXACTLY HOW, including all the recipes, shopping guides, menu ideas and food preparation strategies to make you a success for a lifetime.

“Change Will Last A Lifetime.”

Laurie is clear about the fact that this is not a diet plan (although the pounds do come off!).  The Get Up & Go Diet is also not a short term program – it’s about introducing changes and information incrementally so change will last a lifetime.  This is also a program that realizes all participants come with different baggage and will have different speeds of success and that issues beyond diet must be addressed.

The program’s success rate is grounded in the fact that Laurie was the guinea pig for everything she teaches and that she is open about her own failures early on.  Because of this experience, self-forgiveness is key and yet another ingredient that sets her programs apart from the rest. You program will come to an end, but what you have learned and what you have seen and felt will not!

~Julianne Paunescu, Alexandria, VA

OK, Laurie, I’m ready to do this for myself! 

What now? 


Good, sounds like you’re ready to supercharge your future! By the way, did you read about the studies that show how decisive people who take action quickly are much more likely to succeed in life and be healthier than those who tend to over-think each opportunity? Congratulations on being predetermined for success! Here’s how you can proceed: click here to go to checkout.


Does this really work?


Absolutely! The result of your implementing the information in the “Get Up & Go: Get More Energy Self-Study System™” is an approach to eating that will not only yield immediate results with your consistent and dedicated implementation, but will teach you how to eat for a long life-time of energy and vitality. The client testimonials alone prove it over and over again.

“Afternoon Energy Level Is So Much Better”

Within a few days, I noticed more energy. Now my afternoon energy level is so much better. I also have a new awareness of how sugar was affecting my life. I highly recommend this detox – it really makes you evaluate what you are eating.

~Karen Smith, Virginia

What results can you expect?

 How quickly can you expect results?

Obviously, this depends on your current state of health and how consistent you are in following the action plans in the self-study system. The key is implementation and this system was created to make it super easy to implement. That’s why you’ll see over 80 recipes, menu plans, shopping guides and more that you can implement and start seeing results immediately.

“A New Mindset About Health.”

Laurie, thank you so much for enlightening me on eating healthy while gaining more energy. I have attempted other diets (such as the Wahl’s diet for multiple sclerosis), but found it too restrictive. You brought the same concepts (gluten-free, dairy-free, increasing energy and buying organic), but with a common sense approach. You introduced me to new foods, recommended reading material; and most importantly to a new mindset about health. Thank you for the Get Up & Go.

~ Cindy Galloway, Virginia


Will you get more energy, in record time?

Do all of your assignments outlined in the System. Be totally focused on Getting More Energy. Understand that it’s not a “quick fix,” it’s not magic and it requires you to plant the seeds and for those seeds to grow into the fruit that you can enjoy (yes, pun intended☺). All my clients who have diligently applied every step of The Get Up & Go: Get More Energy System™ have successfully gotten more energy, lost weight and reduced dis-ease symptoms, in much less time than they would have on their own.

“From Overwhelmed to In Control”

I was feeling overwhelmed – and quite helpless – as I watched the scale continue to go up as I was eating ice cream or other “treat” foods day after day. Super Sugar Shakedown Detox gave me a feeling that I was in control, or could at least make better choices, instead of being powerless over the ice cream.

~ Kathleen Kurke, Fairfax, Virginia

Within days you will recover the investment
you put into this self-study system!

Think about it…I want you to stop reading for just one moment to ask yourself, “What would I do with more energy and focus?” For most of my clients, they would take up their favorite exercise routine again. Or they would pick up a hobby they haven’t had the energy for. Some would use that energy and focus to become more efficient at work or in their business. While more energy may seem priceless, consider what a raise or a promotion would buy as a result of your greater happiness, confidence, energy and focus. How much would that be worth?

Or think of how much you spend on Starbucks, energy drinks, sugary snacks and ineffective supplements. For most of my clients, this is $100 to $300 per month. So technically, just one month of savings would more than cover the investment in the “Get Up & Go: Get More Energy Diet Self-Study System™.” Cool, right?

If you think about the lifetime value of greater health, including more energy, more joy, and fewer medications, it’s most likely 10 times the original number you thought of, in the next 3 years alone. The information and tools you receive with the “Get Up & Go: Get More Energy Diet Self-Study System™” can net you 100 times what you ended up investing, in the next 10 to 20 years…something to think over.

Whereby my private coaching program is an investment in the thousands of dollars, the “Get Up & Go: Get More Energy Self-Study System™” was created so that you can do this on your own, at your own pace in a REALLY affordable way.

Remember what I said about wanting to spread the word, BIG TIME, that it doesn’t have to be difficult to get more energy, lose weight and overcome dis-ease, that I’m tired of seeing great people suffer from fatigue and illness? Well, I’ve chosen to make it easy for you to afford this system.

Instead of charging the cost of my regular coaching program, I’m making this entire Get More Energy package available at the outstanding price of only 3 payments of $97.


I know, I know…I’m not charging enough. But remember, this is subject to change at any time. This offer is only guaranteed for a limited time, so pick it up at this special price today, before it goes up.

That includes 12 videos, with weekly assignments, workbooks, menu plans, and over 80 recipes. Nowhere else will you find it as easy to put all the necessary elements in place, in easy to understand steps, and very specific action plans. My clients have repeatedly told me that my unique ability is to take huge amounts of overwhelming information and put it together in easy-to-follow, logical and chronological steps. Plus you’ll get the 5-part video superhero in the kitchen series, the 7 Bonus MP3s, as well as the “Best of Her Best” collection of special reports, designed to boost your energy quickly.

Ready to get going and start fueling your body for all the energy you need quickly and consistently?? Great! Here’s where you get all the details and can proceed to checkout.

3 easy payments of



“Best Solutions”

Laurie truly cares about helping people to find the healthy path. She is driven to figure out the best solution. Her suggestions are not only helpful but can be incorporated into life fairly easily.

~ Alicyn Drew,  Alexandria, VA

“Yes, Laurie, Show Me How to
Get ALL The Energy and Vitality I Need,
Quickly and Consistently!”


I understand I’ll receive an ONLINE COPY of the weekly videos, workbooks, recipes and transcripts with all the ideas, strategies, and resources I’ll need to start creating all the energy I need and have a sustainable supply of energy that is guaranteed to improve my health.

This includes 29 assignments to get me to take action, once and for all, in taking back my health.

In addition, I get recipes, menu plans, articles and everything I’ll need to make this happen for me too.

Plus, I get my BONUS Culinary Superhero video series — “Secrets to Hydration,” “Superhero Cooking Method,” “It’s All About Digestion,” “Dress Up Your Dinner” and “Turn Down The Heat” —these will show me how to get easily and quickly turbo charge my meals. I understand this is absolutely free.

And I get my BONUS 7-MP3 audio program — “3 Pillars of Energy Creation Series”, “Super Foods, Super You” and “Everyday Detox” — these will show me how to get even better energy and prevent disease.  I understand this is absolutely free.

That’s not all—I also get immediate access to Laurie’s “Best of Her Best” Collection of Get More Energy articles and special reports. This is absolutely free and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

 I also understand that if I act quickly, I will get the following bonuses:

I will get a private 30 minute breakthrough session (via phone or Skype) with Laurie where she will help me get clear on my goals and make sure I have what I need to succeed with this system. I understand this is absolutely free and I can’t wait to talk with Laurie.

I understand the Get Up & Go: Get More Energy Self-Study System™ comes with a full, 90-day money back guarantee, and I can receive a refund in the next 90 days if I am not completely satisfied with the materials after implementing them.


 But wait, I’m not sure I can do this on my own.


No Worries, Upgrade To The Extinguish Burnout Platinum Program.


With the Extinguish Burnout Platinum program, in addition to the Get Up & Go: Get More Energy Diet Self-Study System, you get the following:

You get 6 private coaching sessions (2 each month) to make sure you are staying on track, eliminating self-sabotage and getting any customization your health situation may require.

You will learn even more how to prioritize your health and focus in on what your body needs to give you the energy you want.

You will receive even more recipes, menu plans, and tips and tricks for creating a vibrant, energized life.

Get Up & Go Jumpstart is normally $3000

Today, you can enroll for just $2500

or 3 monthly payments of $875

(click below to Extinguish Burnout)


 (Note: this is the only button on this page to get your Platinum program with built in accountability and customization. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity).


Not Sure? Get Your Hands on it NOW…
And Make Up Your Mind Anytime This Year

Remember, I stand 100% behind the information I’m offering you. If you ever decide you didn’t get results even though you implemented my system, just return it and ask for your money back anytime within 90 days of purchase.

And your name and e-mail will never be shared with, rented to, or sold to anyone else. I promise.

So, are you ready? Your videos and workbooks are waiting! Order NOW.

With love, light and big energy,

“The Get More Energy Expert”


P.S: Close your eyes for a minute and imagine yourself one year from now. Are you still exactly where you are now or are you more active, more healthy, more energized? The choice is yours. A year from now, you’ll wish you’d started this today. This offer is only guaranteed for a limited time, so be sure to lock in your special pricing today.

P.P.S.: Remember, you’re making this purchase at absolutely NO RISK, so grab this price while you can! You’ve got nothing to lose, so reserve your very own copy right now.

Additionally, your satisfaction is completely and absolutely guaranteed.

That’s my personal promise.

Return Policy: You may return your purchase of the Get Up & Go: Get More Energy Diet Self-Study System within 90-days from date of purchase provided you have done all the assignments. To get the return process started, please email the team at info@chronicwellnesscoach.com. They will give you instructions on how submit your work to qualify for a full refund.

P.P.P.S. What if you need more support? What if you’re concerned you can’t do this on your own?

No worries. If you would like my expert nutrition and coaching skills to help you along this journey, help you avoid the self-sabotage and customize the program for you, then maybe you need a Jumpstart. Click here for more details.


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