"Now You Can Detox From Sugar, Get More Energy, And Still Have Your Chocolate!”

A step-by-step method to end your sugar addiction – no
matter how hard you’ve tried before.

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My dear fatigued, sugar-addicted friend,

I know you want to bound out of bed, live with gusto and have the energy to travel the world. But I get it. You just don’t have the energy to make it so.

I know you’ve tried so many diets, protein shakes, and energy drinks that you don’t know who or what to believe anymore. You just want the fatigue and 3 p.m. crash to stop more than anything else, and you should! You deserve it. But you also know that the thing standing between you and your dream of abundant energy is SUGAR!

How do you detox from sugar?

Well let me – Laurie Erdman – the former sugar-addict who kicked her chocolate habit (twice), tripled her energy and became an energy boosting superhero, take a few minutes of your time to show you how you can leave fatigue and sugar-addiction behind.

You should know that just 3 years ago, I was on a first name basis with the vending machine and my local barista. I used sugar and its cranky cousin, caffeine, to fuel my 10 to 12 hour work days. Sugar was my energizer bunny. I was locked into the sugar roller coaster.

I tried everything from quitting caffeine (ouch) to going cold turkey on sugar, only to find I would scarf down a box of cookies in 2 minutes without thinking.

Just when I was about to give up, certain I just had to make it to retirement to free myself from the corporate, sugar-filled prison I was working in, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

At that moment I knew everything had to change. I had to stop working 60+ hours, clean up my diet, and start exercising. But there was one thing standing between me, better health and more energy.


So I went off it. Cold turkey. No sugar. No chocolate.

This worked for 18 months. . . . then I went on a bender.

Last summer I indulged in chocolate every time I turned around. I was obsessed.

That’s when I realized – I was a sugar addict. Zero tolerance was not a sustainable strategy.

I knew I wasn’t the only one. My clients were struggling with this as well. So I made it my mission to develop a method that would break the sugar habit, energy roller coaster for good, while allowing me (and you) to enjoy chocolate without fear or guilt. Guess what?


I now eat chocolate without inciting obsession. I eat ice cream without boarding the sugar roller coaster.

But to make sure I wasn’t a freak of nature (always possible), I tried it out with my clients and discovered that yes, this method works. I found that within as little as 10 days, you could go from obsessed, got have it, sugar addict to calm, cool, collected, clear headed and free. Thus was born the . . .

Super Sugar Shake Down – 10 Days
to Super Charged Freedom Detox

I’ve been refining and perfecting the Super Sugar Shake Down method so you can end the crashes, mood-swings and all consuming cravings, yet not feel deprived. I designed this method to save you from time wasting, money sucking, energy draining, bland diets and funky tasting sugar substitutes. I did this while staying true to my anti-inflammatory, energy producing principles.

Yes, you will eliminate your reliance on sugar to fuel your days, but you won’t have to give up sugar entirely. With the Super Sugar Shake Down method, you’ll learn how to bust through your sugar cravings, and learn to savor the good stuff, without doing a swan dive into a vat of chocolate.

I’ve tested this method with my clients again and again. It works.

Sugar Freedom Achieved. Time and Again.

Take for instance the story of my client Susan. When she came to me, she was indulging in a pint of ice cream every few days. She was complaining of low energy and wanting to lose weight. But she couldn’t break her sugar habit.

After just 3 sessions, Susan had broken free of the sugar prison she was in. Not only did she end her ice-cream habit, she was completely satisfied with a single bite of the sweet snack I introduced her to. And the best part, she was back to playing 18-holes of golf with ease.

Yes, that’s all it took! This same system can work for you too. Why?

I know, because it has worked for dozens of people just like you. However, I don’t expect you to believe me until you see even more proof.

Don’t just take my word for it – check out these real-life sugar buster examples:

Jenifer Levinson, a long-time sugar and Diet Coke addict who lives with Type-1 diabetes among other things, broke her habit. She now has the energy to play with her son and has reduced her insulin dependence by 40%.

Joanne S., loved her sugar. In fact she was addicted. She knew where every candy bowl was in her office building. Even though it made her arthritis worse, she couldn’t stop herself from eating sugar. Joanne is sugar and flare up-free after 1 conversation with me. Yes, the Super Sugar Shake Down method is that powerful.

Julia Taylor was suffering from fatigue as the result of multiple sclerosis. Among other things, she used the Super Sugar Shake Down method to break her danish, candy bar, ice cream, eat on the run lifestyle. Julia is mobile again, living her dream of being a mediator and refurbishing her new home, all without the sugar that was bringing her down.

It’s Not Hopeless. You Can Break Free Now!

The big problem is that people who suffer from sugar cravings have been fed so many myths by nutritionists, doctors, diet centers and food marketers, that they don’t know what to do. Here are the 3 biggest myths about stopping the sugar habit that will never set you free:

1. It’s just a matter of will power.

2. Your cravings are in your head.

3. This 100 calorie cookie will solve your problem.

AH! Do they really think we are that stupid? Well, I know you’re not stupid. We both know you need something that involves more than sheer will power, deprivation or trickery.

That’s why you need to try something different. Something proven.

Here’s How This Detox Program Can Help You
Get Sustained Energy. Get Off The Energy
Roller Coaster. End The Crash And Burn Today!

You see, I’ve just put the finishing touches on the online version of my Super Sugar Shake Down method that gives you a step-by-step formula for ending your sugar cravings and increasing your energy, while still having chocolate. It’s different than anything else on sugar cravings you’ve seen. This program has taken 2 years to develop and a few months to put in a format that I could easily deliver to you.

It’s Day 7 of my sugar detox week . . . The most amazing part so far has been the empowering and liberating feeling of finally being in CONTROL! Before Super Shake Down, I was in the spin of the food roller coaster which I felt I didn’t have much control over. I had become sloppy with my food choice.and also leaned on comfort foods for the emotional piece of it. Thanks to Laurie and the Super Sugar Shake Down, I now feel in control, more energized and balanced, clearer headed and know the long term benefits are going to continue the rest of my life. It’s been the beginning of a MAJOR life change.
~ Freea Sarti | California

Here Are Just A Few Of The Breakthrough Topics
Inside The Super Sugar Shake Down –
A 10-Days to Supercharged Freedom Detox


flame_25x25 The foods that will help you end your cravings
flame_25x25 The foods that are causing your cravings
flame_25x25 How to stop your afternoon crash and burn
flame_25x25 How chocolate fits into an energy-boosting, anti-inflammatory, healing diet
flame_25x25 The healthiest, most satisfying way to snack
flame_25x25 Increasing your productivity
flame_25x25 How to stop those crazy, cranky mood swings
flame_25x25 How to have your chocolate and eat it to
flame_25x25 . . . plus, lots more










How Does the Super Sugar Shake Down Work?



Right Steps in the Right Order

The best way to break through to sugar freedom is to take the right steps in the right order. That way you can avoid feelings of deprivation. If you’ve have heard horror stories about going cold turkey off sugar, don’t fret. I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve that will make it easier than you would imagine.

Days 1 through 3: You will start to fuel yourself with foods that will eliminate your body’s need for sugar so you can slowly wean yourself off sugar without trauma. You’ll also be eating delicious foods chosen to reduce your sugar cravings.

Days 4 through 7: Cleanse and purify. Yes, you are going to go off sugar. But I know you can do it. And we will be there to support you. You will also get the best of my tips and tricks to overcome the emotional and physical cravings.

Days 8 through 10: Woot! You have made it to freedom. Now starts the job of learning how to experience the pleasure of sugar without returning to jail. Taking the right actions in the right order, you will return delicious and nutritious sugar to your diet. And yes, you will learn how to have your chocolate and eat it too.

Two Expert Coaching Calls

The living coaching calls will return with the February Session of Super Sugar Shake Down.

Interview with the Food-Mood Girl Lindsey Smith

Join me for a fun and informative interview with food-mood connection expert Lindsey Smith. We will dive deep into how we use food to soothe us and what we can do to change this behavior pattern. You will never think about gummy worms the same way again.

Interview with Chocolate for Breakfast Expert Sue Ann Gleason

This program is all about learning to break the sugar habit while still enjoying your food, especially your chocolate. We’re going to learn how to do just that with chocolate aficionado and culinary nutritionist Sue Ann Gleason who will talk about using chocolate to boost your pleasure quotient without binging.

Transform Reliance into Pleasure and Energy

Your Super Sugar Shake Down Detox Guide will not only explain why sugar is the root of your fatigue, mood swings and afternoon crash and burn, it will guide you out of the frustration, confusion and overwhelm to help you break your reliance in exchange for pleasure and energy. The guide includes recipes, tips, tricks, and secrets for creating a life of super-charged freedom.

Daily Email Love

Each morning you will receive a love-filled email from me. I’ll share tips, tricks, reminder and inspiration. Staying on track made easy.

Community of Sweet Love

Detoxing from sugar can be scary. But it oh so essential to create sustained energy, happiness and peace. That’s why I have created a Super Sugar Shake Down community to provide you the support you need to break free.

I am setting up a private Facebook group for you where you can sink into the love and support of your fellow detox superheroes. I will also be there to answer your questions and provide support during our 10 days together.

If you are not on Facebook, let me know and I will set up with an accountability partner. Together you can compare notes, work on homework together and keep each other on task during and even after the program.

Been There, Done That, No Non-sense Advice

The thing that distinguishes this program from books or even your resident nutritionist is – I’ve been there, done this. I know what it’s like to crave sugar uncontrollably. I know what it’s like to use sugar to make it through the day. I know what it’s like to overcome my cravings, fall off the wagon and get back on again.

I also know what it’s like to overcome fatigue and dis-ease. I bring all this experience to support you and help you bust free of your sugar cravings.


Okay This Sounds Fabulous Laurie.
But What’s The Investment For This
Incredible Sugar Detox Program?

Let’s do a quick analysis. When I was in the heyday of my sugar-caffeine roller coaster, I spent about $3 per day on sugar (we had a subsidized vending machine) and about $3 a day on coffee to pick me up from the sugar crash. In a year, that was over $2000 I spent medicating myself to stay awake and keep going.

Then there was all the lost productivity from all my vending machine and barista rendezvous. This was time that I had to add to the end of my day, just to get my work done. Let’s say that was one hour a day (a conservative estimate). Excluding weekends, that was over 250 hours of lost productivity each year.

If I had known of the Super Sugar Shake Down Detox back then, I would have easily spent hundreds of dollars in order to save that time and money each year. But I’m not going to do that to you. I know how important it is to release yourself from prison, while still allowing yourself the pleasure of chocolate.

So I figured out a way to provide you with a real bargain. This sensational resource the Super Sugar Shake Down – 10 Days to Supercharged Freedom Detox, is delivered to your inbox every day for 10 days. Your primary support will be a private facebook group and 4 expert calls. This means I don’t have to pay a designer to create a fancy website. This means I can pass along my cost savings to you. We both win.

Now because everything will be delivered online (with a few phone calls for extra love, support and guidance), I don’t have to charge you hundreds. In fact, your total investment for the entire program plus a few special bonuses is a bargain.

Your Super Sugar Shake Down – 10 Days to
Supercharged Freedom Investment Is


(Value $97)



I felt overwhelmed – and quite helpless – as I watched the scale continue to go up as I was eating ice cream or other “treat” foods day after day. The Super Sugar Shake Down gave me a feeling that I was in control, or could at least make better choices, instead of being powerless over the ice cream. I’m now in charge of my eating and my health.
~ Kathleen Kurke | Fairfax, Virginia

I couldn’t stop eating sugar laden items: cake, cookies, candy in the evenings. But by day 3 or 4 of the Super Sugar Shake Down, I was energized and feeling so much better. This detox works. And Laurie’s support is awesome! I am back on track with healthy eating.
~ Susan Buck-Gordon | Benicia, California

In addition to the Super Sugar Shake Down – 10 Days to Super Charged Freedom Detox,
you’ll also get these awesome bonuses:

Recipes and Done For You Sample Menus ($75 value)

The detox guide is amazing.  However, the bonus sample menus and suggested recipes for each day of the detox will take the guesswork out of your day. These menus will make life easy for you, not just during the detox, but beyond.

Post-detox Guidance ($75 value)

The biggest question most detox plans leave you asking is “what do I do AFTER the detox.”  Not with this program. When you join us for the Super Sugar Shake Down, you will receive Post-detox “Super Charged Freedom” Guidebook. I wrote just to make sure you remain a wellness hero beyond the 10 days of this program.

Private Support with one 30 minute phone consultation ($97 value)

Most detox and cleanse programs leave you guessing about whether you doing it right, what to do afterwards, substitutions, etc. Not with this Super Sugar Shake Down bonus. During this call, we will zero in on your goals, your expectations, fears, doubts and dreams for this program and your life and help you set yourself up long term sweet success.

Together these 3 free bonuses are worth more than your investment in the Super Sugar Shake Down – 10 Days to Super Charged Freedom Detox. But they’re all yours absolutely free when you enroll.

Within a few days, I noticed more energy. Now my afternoon energy level is so much better than before Super Sugar Shake Down. I also have a new awareness of how sugar was affecting my life. I highly recommend this detox – it really makes you evaluate what you are eating.
~ Karen Smith | Virginia

I was feeling out of control. I couldn’t stop my sugar habit. But your program made me stop and think about what I eat and my health. The result was more energy and better sleep. The program gave me back my focus and made me realize I am in control of what I eat. Thank you for putting this program together. It doesn’t hurt and it’s totally worth it.
~ Daria Kinney-Little | Fairfax, VA

Here’s How To Enroll Right Now!

Click on the button below to enroll. Once your credit card is approved, you will receive a confirmation, your Super Sugar Shake Down Detox Guide, plus your 3 awesome bonuses, and everything you will need to get started in our next class.


Sweetly yours,

P.S. If you continue to use sugar to soothe your feelings or fuel your day, you’re going to get the same results. What I’m offering you is the easiest, most risk-free way to try the Super Sugar Shake Down method so you can see for yourself how the scientifically developed techniques, exercises and secrets can help you blast through your afternoons, improve your mood, and help you achieve the freedom, pleasure and energy you have always wanted.

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