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“Increases the chance for success exponentially.”

how can i get more energyBefore working with Laurie, I felt like my lack of energy was controlling my life instead of me controlling it.

I think the most powerful result from my time working with Laurie is that I now truly believe the saying “you are what you eat.” I have seen first hand that eating better can do things like reduce my need for naps, eliminate the after lunch slump, and shrink my sugar cravings!

She got into the deeper issues that are behind my food choices (like why I seek comfort from sugar), and I think that increases the chance for success exponentially.

Since working with Laurie, I recognize the importance of being conscious about what I put in my mouth. I realize it’s more than just sustenance — it can affect my mood and energy, and therefore the quality of my everyday life.

~Victoria Ludwig | Silver Spring, Maryland

 “More energy, more grateful and less achy in just two week!”

how do i get more energyWhen the “wake-up call” arrives and you know it’s time for a change, Laurie Erdman is the guide you need.   Her program “Get up and Go” is comprehensive, affordable, easy to follow and based on sound information.   I found her website when I was at a depleted, energetic nadir, and was impressed with her enthusiasm and knowledge.  In two weeks I already have more energy and a better outlook.  I am feeling more grateful, less tired and achy, and thirsty for more!   Her goal setting exercises and assignments have provided the groundwork for me to build my “new life” program.  I am learning so much that wasn’t taught in medical school or graduate school.  Laurie has helped me to refocus and to use healthier means to feed my body, mind and purpose.   Her constant support, awesome videos and excellent website will keep you on our course.  THANK YOU LAURIE! Spread the word !!
Caroline Kramer, MD PhD | Roanoke, VA

“Living my truth.”

A coaching experience with Laurie is an investment that I made in myself that will remain with me for life.  Working with Laurie is a great fit for an educated woman that knows who she is, but needs gentle professional guidance in settling solidly into that person.

The Fatigued to Fabulous System has been more than I bargained for; all for the good.  I refined my goals related to not just diet, fitness and nutrition, but also career, relationships, and life design.  The six months investment is directing me to my objective of congruency between the ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ of myself, living my truth.  This is something I thought that only those with a yoga mat in their trunk were allowed!

I was immediately drawn to Laurie’s writing upon finding her as a guest on Kris Carr’s website.  Once we had our consultation, I knew this was the best obligation I could make with my resources at this time in my life.  I was clear where I wanted to be with my mind and body, but also knew that the tools I had obtained along my journey weren’t the right fit for me.  I struggled with lethargy, mostly related to diet.  I was overwhelmed with integrating the foods I wanted to be eating into the life I was living.  This struggle had left me frustrated, overweight and certainly not on a path of wellness.

I have a new found knowledge of ‘greens’, which was the biggest hole in my diet.  Now I actually don’t feel balanced if I’m not getting my daily green veggies!  This is the person I have wanted to be.  My weekly sessions with Laurie led me to this outcome.  Yes, it’s taken intense digging into my thoughts and working through uncomfortable junk in my head.  This journey has been sweetened with a goodie box of books, journals, samples and personalized detox supplies that Laurie designed for me.  We have also shared some good laughs as I come to realizations that are exactly the opposite of where my energies had been directed!  I am able to integrate my husband and teenage boys into adding greens into each meal, cooking with much more knowledge and confidence, and replacing and meat with alternate grains that I didn’t know could be cooked so easily and be so tasty.  I feel clearer of head and body.  Since working with Laurie I feel proud of my decision to invest in myself and the healthy lifestyle I have always wanted to be a representation of who I am.

The confidence in following my inner voice has been strengthened.  Being reminded that there is ‘no wrong thought’ has reminded me that I have been on the correct path all along.  Transitioning myself from ‘High Fact’ to a person in action has been such an exhale!

Jane Quinn | Atlanta, GA

“Change Will Last A Lifetime.

Laurie is clear about the fact that this is not a diet plan (although the pounds do come off!).  The Fatigued to Fabulous System is also not a short term program – it’s about introducing changes and information incrementally so change will last a lifetime.  This is also a program that realizes all participants come with different baggage and will have different speeds of success and that issues beyond diet must be addressed.

Laurie’s constant interaction with participants doesn’t let anyone fall off the radar!  The program’s success rate is grounded in the fact that Laurie was the guinea pig for everything she teaches and that she is open about her own failures early on.  Because of this experience, self-forgiveness is key and yet another ingredient that sets her programs apart from the rest.  Her constant interaction with participants doesn’t let anyone fall off the radar!  Your six months will come to an end, but what you have learned and what you have seen and felt will not!

Julianne Paunescu | Alexandria, VA

“Bundles of Energy”

Working with Laurie Erdman is like magic. Before you know it (two weeks for me) and just by making a few simple changes, you have bundles of energy and the pounds begin to melt off. The big surprise is how easy this change is.

Laurie is a very smart, knowledgeable and savvy coach. In addition to the magic, Laurie provides you with a wealth of resources (recipes, brands to buy, websites, etc.). She also tailors a program for eating that is unique to your needs and desires. I have numerous food allergies and Laurie was able to provide me with alternative ingredients to use in recipes and recommendations to incorporate into my food routine so that I was eating the full range of nutrients necessary for health.

Take the leap. It only takes a week or two before you too will realize how great you can feel and how easily you can lose weight just by making a few changes in your eating habits. Before you know it, you will look beautiful, feel fantastic and know that you are doing the right thing for you health.

Laurie is awesome! Get started today, you won’t be sorry.

Susan Buck-Gordon | Benecia, CA

” Empowered To Make Better Choices”

I am so grateful that I talked myself into participating in the Super Sugar Shake Down Detox program. I had been full of fear, self-doubt and trepidation before I started, but the clarity of the program guidelines and the wealth of resources you shared throughout the program made it easy to take each step through the process. It’s not that I’ve been a perfect angel since the program ended, but I feel so much more knowledgeable and empowered to make better choices that I do, in fact, make them more often! Thanks to Laurie, the Energy Alchemist!

Kathleen Kurke | Fairfax, VA

“Belief In My Own Body’s Natural Ability To Heal”

Anti-inflammatory dietAfter visiting doctors and specialists, where invasive procedures and further testing were the only options advised and there was no clarity on what the root cause of my symptoms were, I decided to speak to my colleague Laurie. In 45 minutes, I had a detailed list of specific items to include in my diet, what to exclude, how to jumpstart so I began to see results sooner and complete sense of support and belief in my own body’s natural ability to heal. I highly recommend anyone who is suffering from serious chronic illness, to speak with Laurie Erdman for a conversation that could change your life!

Mohini Bhatia, Holistic Health Coach | Dehli, India/Washington, D.C.

“Increased Levels Of Energy In The First 30 Days”

Multiple sclerosisI noticed my body responding within days after following Laurie’s recommendations from the first session. Within two weeks after starting Laurie’s Get Up & Go program, I started losing weight. I also noticed more consistent increased levels of energy in the first thirty days. Within 90 days I lost 30 pounds. Coaching with Laurie has changed my life in such a positive way, I cannot imagine living without the changes I’ve implemented.

I thank God daily for Coach Erdman. Her genuine concern for my improvement has been such a huge inspiration. I am so much stronger, more determined, and increasingly optimistic that these changes will slow the progression of my chronic illness. Laurie provides deep insight that allows your weak traits to be identified and corrected through discussion and analysis.

Julia Taylor, Mediator | Pikesville, MD

“In Control, More Energized And Balanced”

It’s Day 7 of my sugar detox week . . . The most amazing part so far has been the empowering and liberating feeling of finally being in CONTROL! Before Super Shake Down, I was in the spin of the food roller coaster which I felt I didn’t have much control over. I had become sloppy with my food choice.and also leaned on comfort foods for the emotional piece of it. Thanks to Laurie and the Super Sugar Shake Down, I now feel in control, more energized and balanced, clearer headed and know the long term benefits are going to continue the rest of my life. It’s been the beginning of a MAJOR life change.

Freea Sarti | Greenbrae, California

“I Have A Lot More Energy”

When I found Laurie, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I was tired of not having the energy to enjoy my family and I was tired of being on multiple medications for my multiple conditions.  Within three months of working with Laurie, I have a lot more energy and everyone is commenting that my eyes look clearer and that I “look good.”  I just feel better overall.  I have been feeling more alert, better able to function, etc.  Not only that, but my lab results prove that this is not purely a placebo effect.  My cholesterol is back to normal, I’m off my statins, my A1C is the lowest it’s been in 10 years, and I’ve reduced my insulin requirements by about 40 percent! But best of all, I finally had the energy to play with my son. The information and support Laurie provides is empowering.

Jenifer Levinson | Arlington, VA

“Afternoon Energy Level Is So Much Better”

Within a few days, I noticed more energy. Now my afternoon energy level is so much better than before Super Sugar Shake Down. I also have a new awareness of how sugar was affecting my life. I highly recommend this detox – it really makes you evaluate what you are eating.

Karen Smith | Virginia

“More Energy And Better Sleep”

I was feeling out of control. I couldn’t stop my sugar habit. But your program made me stop and think about what I eat and my health. The result was more energy and better sleep. The program gave me back my focus and made me realize I am in control of what I eat. Thank you for putting this program together. It doesn’t hurt and it’s totally worth it.

Daria Kinney-Little | Fairfax, VA/New Jersey

“Healthier, Happier And More Balanced”

Thanks to Laurie, I was able to re-design my life after major surgery. She helped me to see what a hamster-wheel routine I had established with my career and family obligations and helped me to challenge the habits and thoughts that led to that. We built new habits and new routines focused on my own wellness. I’m on my way to being a healthier, happier and more balanced human being.

Jennifer | Aerospace professional

“A Pure Realist”

more energy, easy weight loss

Laurie is one of those rare individuals who understands all the dimensions of health we “working people” struggle with (because she’s been there!) while at the same time inspiring us to aspire to true health (because she’s arrived there). And I’m speaking of “health” in its broadest sense. She’s not only a highly educated and motivated health coach, but she’s compassionate, empathetic, mature and realistic at the same time. Not a purist but a “pure realist” when it comes to helping me see how my own choices are affecting my body, I trust Laurie’s knowledge, instinct and spirit with my health completely.

Dana Theus, InPower Coaching | Arlington, VA

“She’s Really Listening”

Laurie truly cares about helping people to find the healthy path. She is driven to figure out the best solution and makes me feel that she’s really listening when we meet. Her suggestions are not only helpful but can be incorporated into life fairly easily.”

Alicyn Drew, artist | Alexandria, VA

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